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Towards The Future

The San Francisco Foster Youth Fund continues to establish itself as a hard-working charity that succeeds in helping many deserving children to pursue their personal interests and dreams. The SFFYF Board feels confident that residents of the San Francisco Bay Area will continue to support the crucial goals of SFFYF. The board is also committed to a goal of obtaining corporate under-writing for our largest and best-known fundraiser, the annual softball tournament.

It is the belief of the San Francisco Foster Youth Fund that no child should be deprived of essential life experiences and enriching activities, even if circumstances around them have created limitations in their family’s financial resources. Dramatic rises in the cost of raising children, and in the cost of programs and services that enhance the experience of childhood, call for continued efforts to make funds available for at-risk children and youth. Additionally, the necessity of a college education as a stepping-stone towards a successful adulthood has never been greater.

Fulfillment of these relatively simple needs can make a significant difference in the lives of foster children and other children receiving child welfare-related services. The Board of Directors is proud of its work at helping children in one of the most culturally and economically diverse cities in the nation. As a new century dawns, the Fund serves as a model of what can happen when concerned community members work together to see that life always provides rewards for children, even those with the fewest material advantages.

Thank you for the financial aid that you have sent for my trip to Wrestling Camp in Oregon and the Pinnacle/Outward Bound Program with which I will be backpacking and canoeing in Washington. I am glad to inform you that I have been accepted to both these programs and am very excited to start.
Moreover, I have gone to a Ropes Course hosted by the Outward Bound Program to prepare myself for my trip in Washington. There I learned the importance of trusting strangers and following instructions. I am very grateful that I am going to be able to attend the wrestling camp. Thank you for the opportunity that you have helped me obtain.
I wanted to thank you very very much for the shoes. Literally I cried when receiving the shoes because I was so happy! I know it sounds cheesy that a person would cry for shoes but I did. I’m so thankful that someone thought about my comfort and safety. I really can’t express how grateful I am with words.
Cassandra, Loves sports and needed new athletic shoes
Thank you for helping me with the prom. I had a great night!
First, I got to take karate class, and now I’m taking trumpet lessons. It’s fun and I hope I can keep playing.
Maurice, SFFYF grant recipient
Just writing this thank you card to let you guys know how much I appreciate the check for my cheerleading uniform. Thank you.